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Outcropping in McHenry, Illinois

Outcropping is the process of layering or stacking stones in such a way that helps to not only retain run offs that can happen over time when living near a shoreline, but also protect the shoreline from the consistent wake of boats or waves stirred up from stormy weather conditions. Our crew will come directly to your home to assess the current situation and work with you to create a design that not only fits your needs for shoreline protection, but the aesthetics your aiming to achieve on your individual property.

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McHenry Outcropping by Seawalls Unlimited
Fox Lake Outcropping by Seawalls Unlimited

Is outcropping right for my property?

The idea of outcropping leaves a lot open to the imagination of both the construction crew and the property owners themselves. Generally speaking outcropping is solid, heavy, flat rock that has been blasted out of various lime stones. This gives each stone an individual, irregular shape that we will then piece together to give your shoreline or yard space a rugged look, yet still polished with intention and detail. The depth and thickness of your stones can be made to order and depending on the needs of our clients (considering the conditions of the lake or river you’re bordering) our dedicated, skilled and friendly team can efficiently custom build a seawall that is both beautiful and functional. Heights and shapes of outcropping can vary greatly and we will work diligently with you to help you achieve the shoreline of your dreams.

Outcropping is installed after the shoreline has been adequately excavated to the proper grade. A filter fabric is then secured to the shoreline to keep the existing soil from eroding over time out from behind the stone. One the shoreline is secure, we put the puzzle together as efficiently as possible so you can enjoy your new landscape on or off the water as soon as possible.

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