Steel Seawall Services by Seawalls Unlimited


Especially in a freshwater environment, steel seawalls have the longest lifespan and are the most popular for preventing erosion.

Outcropping Services by Seawalls Unlimited


The laying or stacking of stones in a fashion that works to prevent runoff and protect the shoreline from excessive wake or stormy weather.

Rip Rap Services by Seawalls Unlimited

Rip Rap

Whether it’s a small pond, river, or inland lake, fractured limestone is a very cost efficient way to protect your shoreline.

  • Steel Seawall

    We use 7- and 5-gauge galvanized steel and 3¼” round stock for tie back rods. Our deadman is steel and concrete combined. We then backfill with #8 stone and finish our process with topsoil, seed, and straw blanket. Steel seawalls are the most popular for preventing erosion.

  • Outcropping

    Outcropping is essentially laying or stacking stones in a fashion that prevents the runoff that often occurs near a shoreline and protects the shoreline itself from excessive wake or stormy weather. We use very large pieces of limestone for this process. The individual pieces range in size from 1,000lbs to 1,800lbs. These rocks are layered together to best fit into the natural landscape. This form of seawall is best for low-traffic and low-wake areas.

  • Rip Rap

    Applicable to many different shoreline conditions, rip rap uses fractured limestone pieces that range in size from 3”-12” in diameter. The smaller sizes are for ponds and no-wake areas, and the larger sizes for river and inland lake shorelines. This is a very cost-efficient way to protect your shoreline. Our dedicated team will excavate your property to the proper grade and then install filter fabric to protect from growth underneath the rocks. We then place the rip rap on top to prevent erosion.

  • Permanent Piers

    All permanent piers are made with 4” OD piping that’s ¼” thick. The frame is made up of 4x4x¼” angles completely welded together for one solid structure. No adjustable collars or moving parts. All pipes are covered with PVC and capped. We then install the customer’s choice of decking. Several decking choices are available upon request.

  • Installation & Repair

    Our team of dedicated foremen will come to your home or waterside property to perform any and all necessary repairs to your piers or seawalls, regardless of whether or not we were the ones to initially design, build, or install them. Your satisfaction is our highest priority! Call us today at (815) 759-9134 for all your McHenry seawall service needs!

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