A couple of primary reasons a homeowner will hire a contractor for seawall construction are:

The prevention of land erosion – If a property includes land that is bordered by water (whether ocean, gulf, or lake), it’s in everyone’s best interest to keep that border exactly where it is. However, water doesn’t always move with our best interest in mind. There is a tendency for the water to push back against the land, and over time there is more water and less land.  Land that lies next to any large body of water can experience this, particularly after some inclement weather causes a storm surge. Seawall construction puts a barrier in front of the land, so the movement of the water has virtually no effect.

Land Erosion Prevention by Seawalls UnlimitedThe prevention of flooding – In addition to the gradual erosion of land, water can cause a much more urgent and damaging situation: flooding. After an extended period of rain, water levels can sometimes reach heights that are not commonly seen. Since these water levels are not experienced regularly, the tendency is to not be fully prepared when it happens. If the water gets higher than the land, there is obviously nothing left to stop it from coming into your home. Of course, the further away your house is from the waterline, the less likely you are to have a problem. But if the water surges sufficiently, there is really nothing to stop it from entering your home and causing untold damage. Those homes that have seawall construction can hold out much longer before coming into contact with water, and are therefore much less likely to experience any damage. If the water does come in because of extraordinarily high sea levels, the damage can at least be minimized by providing the homeowner extra time to prepare.

Of course, we should point out that it is not just homeowners that have concerns about keeping a clear division between water and land. Owners of commercial buildings obviously have their property’s safety in mind as well. In fact, a commercial building may be full of expensive machinery and equipment that must be kept dry, and would be difficult and/or costly to replace if the building were to experience a flood problem. In addition, flood cleanup and water removal can be a complicated process. This is not only an expensive inconvenience; it also can mean that the business is closed while the recovery process is completed, so the company experiences a loss of revenue for that period of time. In many cases, a seawall could have prevented or greatly minimized the financial and emotional toll that can really hurt a business.

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